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The Bad-Ass Dad Pod

No matter what age you are, you’ve likely wondered if your best years are behind you.

You. Are not. Alone.

My name is Ryan Dunn, and, although I’m 43 years old, I refuse to accept that my best days are past.

So I am on a mission to become the most badass version of myself. I am undertaking a quest, actually, three quests in an attempt to become a badass financially, a badass physically, and a badass in my relationships.

Mar 31, 2021

Michael Voss, the author of "The War on Sleep", delivers tips, hacks, and tactics for leveling up and getting a better night's sleep.

Mar 10, 2021

Why do some people seem to love working out while it's a mental fight for the rest of us? In this episode, we walk through several tips for getting motivated to show up to each and every workout.

Jan 27, 2021

How does intermittent fasting work and is it the key to your weight loss? You might have some weight loss goals this year. We're exploring the keys to achieving those goals.

Oct 28, 2020

Are you feeling a little shy about starting a new fitness routine because you're unsure what to do? Have you been working out without seeing much progress?

I've been there. In this episode, I share the five mistakes I made that limited my fitness returns, no matter how hard I worked. Learn from my mistakes!

Mar 26, 2020

Does dopamine control us? How do we control it? We're doing a deep dive into dopamine.